Crisis Centre Ministries Newsletter April 2018

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Crisis Centre Ministries
April 2018
Happy Easter! (We hope it’s not too late to be saying so.) Thank you, as always, for your support. We hope you enjoy this newsletter about the work that you make possible.
You might know that the Wild Goose drop-in centre is open six nights a week. But did you know that the evening shifts are run entirely by hardworking volunteers?
Jonnie Angel, Wild Goose Manager, spent his December nights getting to know the evening teams better. We then spoke to him about what he discovered during his ‘investigations’.

As we mentioned last month, Article ImageBristol Breakfast Rotary Club are very kindly hosting a Charity Golf Day in aid of Crisis Centre Ministries.
They’re hoping that local businesses will donate auction lots for golfers to bid on. (This will further help the fundraising efforts!) If this is something you’d like your business to do, please contact

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“I get a great sense of purpose from volunteering and I think I get a huge amount more out of it than I put in.”
Anna volunteers as part of the engagement team in the Wild Goose, working with people in their day-to-day difficulties. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she says that no two days are the same! You can read her story below.

In just over a month’s time, hundreds of runners will be lining up to run the Great Bristol 10K.
If you’re planning on being one of them, would you consider raising money for CCM? Your efforts would make a huge difference to someone living on the streets.
(Once you’ve registered, you can set up your fundraising page here.)

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Unfortunately, due to our storage space getting smaller, we can only accept certain practical donations at the moment. Please check the link below to see what’s most useful for us and for homeless people.

Could you become a regular CCM supporter?
Homelessness, addiction and mental health problems all mean that the lives of those we help can be highly chaotic. In the face of this chaos, one of the greatest things you can offer is stability. Your regular donations mean that, while everything around someone is uncertain, there’s always somewhere they can rely on for food, support and love.

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